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Inside the Industry seminar

On April 28, 2007 L.A. Casting welcomed Lauri Johnson as our key speaker for the Inside the Industry Seminar. She is a working actor and Life & Career Consultant focusing on entertainment-related concerns.

As an acting coach and consultant for 14 years, Lauri Johnson has an amazing allure. She showed the audience the evolutionary process of auditioning, demonstrating the most modest walk-in to one more confident. She stressed the actor must either work on the acting (as a craft) or the actor (as a personality).

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Commercial Actors should NEVERů

by L. Records

A multi part series for the not-so-established actor, hoping to improve their career.

When you step into the casting studio at a commercial audition, several people could be in the room.  Occasionally, but rarely, the casting director.  Don't be surprised or feel let down if they are not.  Rest assured your image is being piped into their office and they ARE paying attention.  Actors tend to be on their best behavior when being eyeballed by a casting director who is actually in the room.  There is always a camera operator, performing the obvious task of putting you on tape.  Sometimes there is a session director who is making sure you know what the scenario is (which you should already have a good idea from reading the boards in the lobby) and giving you helpful hints.  Often times you will find that the camera operator is wearing both hats.  Which leads me to this month's helpful suggestion:

Commercial actors should never underestimate the camera operator/session director.  I am purposefully leaving this statement vague.  Don't worry, keep reading.

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Better Acting Through List-Making

By Colleen Wainwright

An inexpensive (and fun!) way to get a handle on your life, your career and your dreams

Most things you do to make yourself either a better or more marketable actor require money and/or time, not to mention other people.

But there’s one thing you can do anytime and any place, while exercising or standing in line at the post office or enjoying a cup of your favorite beverage, that will make you a better, stronger, more focused actor: make lists.

This ain’t news, of course; Julia Cameron encourages the use of lists in her landmark book, The Artist’s Way, as do many other creativity coaches, teachers and programs. If you’re an obsessive organizer like I am, you’re probably already making lists either for fun or to relieve anxiety.

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coleman_online - “I’m Listening”

By: Joher Coleman

As a writer, I’m learning that a successful column is made up of two parts. The first is its content. It’s my job to sit behind my laptop and pound out something “good”. But regardless of the content, most writing needs an audience. Therefore, the second part of a successful column is an actively engaged readership.

Even a negative response is sometimes better than no response at all. I liken it to performing a sit-com before a live studio audience. More than awkward  laughter or a collective groan, the real killer is dead silence. A Chevy Chase film shooting in Romania had this exact problem. Ninety-five percent of the crew were locals who didn’t speak English. So when they rehearsed, the actors had no reactions to help gauge their comic choices. 

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Inside the Industry Seminar
Guest Speaker
Brad Lemack, Talent Manager and Entertainment Publicist

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Dear Donna,
Hi, my name's Shahriar G. and I'm living down in the Southern Orange County area, and I just had a quick question. You see, I'm just starting to get into commercial acting.  I've been in theatre for 2 years now, but I'm just 16. I want to start doing some film/tv/commercial acting this summer when school lets out, so I recently joined and I'm already part of Kids Management.

I've looked a lot into acting, but do I need to bring a parent down to the set with me? I drive, am almost 17, and my parents really don't want to have to take me up to LA (it's an hour drive but my parents are still pretty iffy about, especially with traffic), although they will support me in what I want to do.

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