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Hello Talent!
We have 5 NEW FEATURES for you to enhance your experience on your homepage!

  • Direct Cast now has ACTORS HELP to assist you with questions you may encounter, including how to submit!
  • We have now added a Submission History option under your Roles dropdown menu, allowing you to view all current submissions. (This excludes expired history).
  • If your alerts are more than zero when logging in, your ALERTS will now appear in red for better viewing.
  • Need resources to the actor’s world? Click your Resource tab, and let us link you there!
  • Check all tab will now conveniently be on both the top and bottom of Direct Cast saving you time when submitting!

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Brad Lemack, Talent Manager and Entertainment Publicist

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Dear Donna,
Hi, my name's Shahriar G. and I'm living down in the Southern Orange County area, and I just had a quick question. You see, I'm just starting to get into commercial acting.  I've been in theatre for 2 years now, but I'm just 16. I want to start doing some film/tv/commercial acting this summer when school lets out, so I recently joined and I'm already part of Kids Management.

I've looked a lot into acting, but do I need to bring a parent down to the set with me? I drive, am almost 17, and my parents really don't want to have to take me up to LA (it's an hour drive but my parents are still pretty iffy about, especially with traffic), although they will support me in what I want to do.

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